We recently reported that Selena Gomez and One Direction's Niall Horan snapped a picture together while hanging out in London, which immediately set the dating rumors into overdrive. Well, guess what? Taylor Swift is supposedly the mastermind behind the whole pop star set-up.

According to Hollywood Life, Taylor was upset that her bestie Selena was having a difficult time moving on from Justin Bieber. So, she allegedly did what any good girlfriend would do -- that is, set her up with another cute guy (who just happens to be a member of one of the biggest boybands ever.)

“Taylor is the one that set Niall and Selena up," a source told the website. "Selena has been having such a hard time moving on from Justin, and Taylor hates seeing her sad."

“She’s been trying to set her up with a bunch of different guys but Niall was the only one so far that Selena got excited about," the insider added.

It's not only great that T. Swift is helping out her friend, but that she is doing so even though it might be a bit awkward for her -- after all, Taylor dated Niall's 1D bandmate, Harry Styles. Then again, Niall was recently spotted backstage at one of Taylor's concerts earlier this month, so it might not be as uncomfortable as you might think.

Either way, clearly Taylor thinks highly enough of the blonde Irish hottie to try and get the sparks flying with Selena -- and it seems as if they are hitting it off pretty well.