Taylor Swift might be busy putting on one of the summer's hottest concerts with her cameo-filled 1989 Tour, but when she's not on that stage? She stays creepin' on the Tumblr.

As we've seen time and time again, Tay Tay just loves to use Tumblr to connect to the world, whether she's demanding policy change from Apple Music or writing encouraging personal letters to fans. And sometimes? She trolls for trolls — and calls 'em the f--k out.

Back in May, a 19-year-old Swiftie goodgirlwhoshopeful posted a particularly rude anonymous note from a hater:

Why do you seem to think Taylor Swift loves you? She doesn't love you. You don't know her. Would you stop posting like she knows you or is actually reading it already, because she's not. It's probably not even her using her tumblr. So, please stop. Also, everyone seems to think you're pretty, don't they? well, I think you think you are with all your selfies. Your not.

Just nasty, right? Taylor to the rescue!

The "Bad Blood" singer magically swooped in — as she always seems to do, superhero style — with just the right amount of encouragement and dismissive sass.

"Trying to figure out if I'm more offended by the senseless negativity or the fact that he/she/it used the wrong form of 'you're'. I doubt we will get apologies for either crime. We must now forget about this and keep groovin/using correct grammar," she replied to the fan. Cue meltdown!

If only we all had a personal Taylor to lift us up and shake grammar-ignorant haters off on the regular.

Check out the full exchange on Tumblr.

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