Don't these kids know Santa is watching?

This video surfaced this week in Killeen filmed at a donut shop near Ellison High School. It shows students and employees trying to break up a fight and was shared by Marie Gerald, who says it shows kids attacking the business owner and employee.

She says her daughter came home from school and told her about the fight, and that she then found the video above on Facebook. Marie says she drove by Best Donuts on Trimmier and found the shop was suddenly closed. She said she was heartbroken for the business owners, who she described as hardworking and sweet individuals. Also, notice the looks of disgust on some of the kids' faces who simply got in line for some lunch.

Marie went on to say she goes to the donut shop on occasion and was in the store not long ago talking to the workers who make all the donuts themselves. She described them as hard-working people who were outnumbered and attacked.

While there are many details we just don't know about yet, one thing we can all agree on is that this is no way to act. Marie raises a great question in her post when she asks, "Are these your children attacking this business owner and employee?"

As a parent, how would it feel to come across a video of your kids doing this on social media? We hope that the workers are ok and that they can get back to doing what they do best soon. Lots of people love going into that shop every morning to start their day.

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