Most people have heard of the thousands of bats that fly from beneath Austin's Congress Avenue Bridge, attracting tourists from across the country, but now you can see beautiful spiral clouds of bats right here in Temple!

On Monday, our friends at Discover Temple, TX posted a photo of a swarm of bats taken from the parking lot of the Cracker Barrel at the Wildflower Court Shopping Center. The post came to our attention Wednesday, and we decided to try to catch the bats on video.

We expected to see a few fly out and quickly flap away, but what we got were hundreds of bats emerging from the gap between north and southbound HK Dodgen Loop overpasses.

It was a beautiful spectacle, and dozens of families showed up to watch. We filmed from the grassy area in front of the Cracker Barrel. It offered a great view, but plan to try to get footage from more vantage points in the future.

The video doesn't do the sight justice, so take your family out next sunset!

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