Bell County officials executed a sting operation to identify and arrest individuals seeking sexual acts in exchange for a fee.

According to a report from the Killeen Daily Herald,  Bell County authorities conducted a 6-hour prostitution sting that led to the arrest of six men.

Police arrested Shaquille White, 27, Robert Babcock, 45, Hans Bailey, 45, Cory Cannon, 42, Daniel Harris, 32 and Michael Jordan, 48, on charges of prostitution. All of the individuals were residents of Bell County.

Now, the part that really got me in this story is that 4 of the men listed were on their lunch break from work. My head is spinning because these men went to lunch and never returned. How do you explain that to your boss? I mean just telling them that you were on lunch and arrested is bad enough, but then to explain why you were arrested.

I just... I can't fathom it.

Were the conditions really so crucial that you had to use your lunch break for this illegal activity?

“The Bell County Sheriff’s Department remains steadfast in our pursuit against individuals like these six men who choose to take part in this type of behavior, and we will continue to do so to ensure the safety of the residents of Bell County, ” Lt. Bob Reinhard, Sheriff’s Department spokesman, said Friday in a news release.

So if you're thinking that these guys were just unlucky because they were caught, think again.

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