There's nothing like a sporting event in the state of Texas.

Yes, many in the nation claim to have an impressive atmosphere, but the Lone Star State is just completely built different when it comes to sports. Just look at the rush at Cowboys stadium for the standing room only area!

Yes indeed, football fans in Texas have a little bit of edge over others in the nation. But today, we won't be looking at the national side of football. Rather instead, we'll be taking a look at the high school side of the sport.

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High school football in Texas is just as big as college football sometimes, some could argue. There are some high school stadiums that could pass off as a college stadium if we're being honest. What exactly however will we be talking about today besides the stadiums though?

Well, one father in Central Texas has been making waves on social media, for what can be described as a front runner for Father Of The Year 2023.

One Temple, Texas Dad Dances Along With Daughter's Cheerleading Routine

Well, first, let's just see how well the dad dances shall we?

Well, all we can say is where are his pom-poms? He's matching perfectly with the cheerleading squad! But, you may be asking, why is he dancing along with them?

Well according to KCEN, the father's name is Andre Simmons. His daughter is on the cheer team, and he did have to learn the routine haha! According to Andre, he told KCEN, "The dance that you see in the video took me about three to four days to learn."

One thing is for sure, he knows that dance perfectly! Way to go Andre!

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