There has been much speculation around the Central Texas area about the potential of two 5A powers in the area moving up the ranks. Today, the UIL released the realignment plans for the 2018-2020 season, confirming what most suspected.

The Temple Wildcats and Waco Lions will move up the ranks to Class 6A. They will share the same district in athletics as Killeen, Belton, and Waco Midway. These changes could mean major district realignment.

The shift leaves only one Class 5A school in the Central Texas area -the Waco University Trojans. The Trojans will move to Class 5A, Division 2.

The 4A and 3A classes stayed put for the most part, with the exceptions of Marlin and Bruceville-Eddy moving down from Class 3A to 2A. Both of these programs played the last two years in District 12-3A.

Mart is moving from Class 2A Division 1 to Division 2. This move will most likely put them in a new district away from rivals such as Riesel, Axtell, and Bosqueville, who are in the division 1 ranks.

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