Historic ruins in the former mining town of Terlingua, Texas have been reduced to a pile of rubble recently thanks to some vandals.

This Texas town dates back to the late 1800's when a mining community developed and by the early 1900's, Terlingua was home to some 3000 residents.

The footage above shows an aerial view over the ghost town that has been long abandoned. The photo below is a recent image posted to social media by Voni Glaves of the damage done to the original structures in Terlingua.

According to the 2010 census the town of Terlingua, Texas still has a population of about 50 people. Employees of a near-by restaurant noticed the historic ruins smashed to pieces the morning of February 19th. Four structures in all have been destroyed. These structures used to be the quickly build homes of area minors who established the community of Terlingua in the 1880's.

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The story of Terlingua was once featured on the National Geographic show "Bandlands, Texas".

Officials are offering a $1000 reward for anyone who has information about the destruction of the buildings in Terlingua. The few homes that had still been standing along with the closed off mines are all part of "private property and a designated historic site" making this a criminal offense.