Have you ever dreamed of being able to rule your own kingdom, or owning a personal island to escape to whenever life gets to be a bit too adult saturated? There are also plenty of mothers in Central Texas especially throughout the Killeen-Temple area that probably long for sanctuary from their oversaturated child world too.

I know for certain my wife would love to a sneak away from all the constant kid demands and responsibilities that accompany a large household's maintenance. Although, after building this simple backyard oasis for her, she probably wishes there was a place for the rest of us to go and she would just lounge with the luxury and convenience of a staycation.

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Can you really buy your own Texas ghost town for only $100K?

Most likely yes, and depending on where you look even less is probably possible. The ghost town of Lobo, Texas was on the market just this summer with an asking price of $100,000.

Now, there is no guarantee it went for full ask considering it was purchased only about 20 years prior for just $20,000. The total property is about 10 acres, so acquiring all the structures and land for only $10,000 an acre, is almost the same as stealing.

If you were to purchase your own town, what would be the first thing you would do? I would probably investigate the process to rename it, and then attempt to call it something really creative to market it as a can't miss destination for any family road trip like opening a fudge shop in a town named Uranus, MO.

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