One dream some of us have is to visit a place that feels entirely like a new area. In a way, like you've left the planet and gone to outer space. That thought seems rather far-fetched thought doesn't it?

I mean for one, you'd have to be trained in space travel to actually leave the planet for one. So is this anyway for us to leave the planet besides that? Well unfortunately, no.

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So we'll need to have an alternative. But where could we go?

Behold! This Dome in Terlingua

Would you believe we have something out of this world while still being on Earth? Indeed we do. And I know what you're thinking when you first see this:

"Are we in Star Wars? Where's Luke and R2-D2? Does Leia show up?"

Well to the first one no, as for the second and third questions, maybe. But let's look at the description on Airbnb:

"The dome rests in an isolated but easily accessible off-grid setting in one of the few remaining territories under a dark sky ordinance, which offers unmatched views of the night sky, and a completely unobstructed view of a horizon that delivers truly majestic sunrises and sunsets. Though the dome is isolated, the entrance to Big Bend National Park is just a 25 minute drive and the historic Terlingua Ghost town about the same."

So now we know where it is, and how close it is to other areas.

But what does it look like?

And where is our lightsaber? Let's take a look shall we?

May The Dome Be With You: Is This Terlingua, Texas Or Tatooine?

While not in a galaxy far, far away, this little dome gives us serious space vibes.

Well, now we all should feel the force right?

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