A Texas farm and ranch real estate agent and a firefighter are credited with saving a woman’s life after an engine on their plane exploded, shattering a window and causing the woman to nearly be sucked out.

KWTX reports Andrew Needum and Tim McGinty are heroes who went out of the way to assist other passengers when the explosion occurred on board a Boeing 737 headed from New York to Dallas. An engine explosion shattered a window in the front of the plane causing the death of 1 passenger at 30,000 feet. The two men prevented 43-year-old Jennifer Riordan from being sucked out of the plane but could not revive her after the plane made an emergency landing in Philadelphia.

These men showed incredible bravery while on board the flight. I can't imagine having to sit through an emergency landing with a hole in the side of the plane and then have to get on another plan to finish the journey home. It's great to see how these strangers came together to help one another survive the incident.

USA Today reports some passengers paid for Southwest Wi-fi in order to live stream the emergency.

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