Captain Obvious says loaded guns and small children are a bad combination. Maybe the parents involved in this case could use a reminder.

Police are still investigating how a Granbury toddler in a Wal-Mart parking lot managed to shoot his 1-year-old sister and mother after picking up a gun that was in the car and pulling the trigger.

Here's my burning question: why was a loaded gun in the seat within his reach?

According to the Granbury Police Facebook page, the mother and baby were both taken to a Fort Worth hospital after the shooting. The baby’s injury was not believed to be life-threatening, but the mother’s injury was potentially more serious.

Hood County News is reporting that both the infant and the mother have been released from the hospital.

So What Exactly Happened?

The 2-year-old picked up a gun that was reportedly concealed between the seat and the center console. The gun discharged, and the bullet passed through the one-year-old's leg, then pierced the mother’s arm, lodging into her side.

In case you're wondering, the gun in question is a Glock. There is no manual safety on this type of firearm.

Accidental Shootings Involving Children in Texas Have Risen

Last year, there were at least 342 unintentional shootings by children nationwide, resulting in 141 deaths and 219 injuries, according to

28 of those shootings were in the state of Texas. So what's causing this to happen?

The advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety says the pandemic may have been a factor, citing lack of child care, record gun sales during 2020, and a significant increase in first-time gun owners.

We Really Need to Do Better

This was a senseless accident that could have resulted in a major tragedy. There is no excuse for not keeping a loaded gun away from a toddler!

If you own guns, the best way to keep kids safe is to keep firearms locked in a gun safe or lockbox. Make sure children have no access to the keys.

Please, for everyone's sake, practice gun safety!

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