Most of us tried to forge sick notes for gym or signatures on permission slips when we were in school, but one Texas 2nd grader went the whole nine yards and wrote a note to get herself out of school entirely...and it worked!

7-year-old Rosabella Dahu, a student at Sheldon Elementary School in Harris County, wanted to go home early on Monday, May 2 in hopes that her grandmother would cook for her.

The girl scribbled a note that any reasonable adult with at least one firing neuron in their brain would find dubious and handed it to her teacher, who allowed her to hop on a bus and skip her usual after school program.

While Rosabella's handwriting is pretty good for a 2nd grader, you'd think her teacher would have noticed the incorrect use of "too", the "d" (or backward "b' depending on how you look at it) in the word "bus", or the lack of a signature and asked some questions, but nope!

Rosabella accomplished her mission and got home early, but she didn't know how to get into her house with no one home. Concerned neighbor Rolando Lozano called Rosabella's father, Charlie, when the girl came to his house to ask if she could use the restroom.

Charlie Dahu confronted the adults in charge of the after school program and recorded the encounter on his cell phone. In the video, one school employee gives the note to Dahu and admits that it doesn't look like something written by an adult.

Dahu spoke to KTRK-TV about the incident, but refused to allow his little girl to appear on TV because he worried she might view the experience as a reward for her bad behavior.

You've got to give the man some dad points for that.

Sheldon ISD released a statement after Rosabella's story caught the public's attention:

"Sheldon ISD is currently investigating the situation. We are reviewing our training procedures to ensure that our after-school grant program staff is properly trained in dismissal procedures. As we move forward, the district is working to make sure that all of our after-school grant staff receives the same training as district employees. At this point, the district is continuing to investigate and will take proper disciplinary action. As always, student safety is our top priority."


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