This is something all Texans should be worried about, right? The mere thought of such a thing like this happening should just send shivers down our spine. Alas, it seems like due to a multitude of factors, the reality we're living in is not a simulation.

For lovers of Texas BBQ, this will be a tough steak to chow down on.

According to KXAN, prices for the nation's favorite type of BBQ is rising. (We talked earlier in the month about that right here!) A simple yet annoying combination is to blame for the rise in price. Due to Texas's ongoing drought and nationwide inflation, the price to enjoy Texas Style BBQ is steadily growing.

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The owner of Interstellar BBQ in Austin, John Bates, stated in a comment to KXAN that, “Farmers are having to deal with expensive fuel costs, expensive corn costs—they’re having to deal with hot weather." He went on to say, “It just makes it difficult for them to get a high-quality product to us without charging their fair rate.”

Bates also mentioned that he normally would pay $2.75 for brisket for his shop, but due to the factors previously mentioned, he's now paying $5.00 for brisket.

“We’re seeing this effect where it goes up, and it stabilizes, and then it goes up again, and it stabilizes,” Bates said. “And it becomes like the new norm that this is where the prices are at.”

So all this is to say that we here in Texas might need to start doing a rain dance!

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