There could potentially be easier ways for a Texan to make $1,000 dollars, but it would be nearly impossible to debate that this way is by far the most delicious by a Texas mile. There is an open job listing with the sole job description of consuming 25 snacks that you already see calling your name every time you walk into your local Buc-ee's.

How should I tailor my resume to be hired to eat Buc-ee's snacks for $1,000?

There are a few requirements necessary to make it through the application process and receive the final offer. The main one is you must live near a Buc-ee's, or be willing to drive to one if selected.

What would be the job title for a Buc-ee's snacks consumer?

Aaron Savage/Google
Aaron Savage/Google
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You would be a Buc-ee's Bud-ee, and more or less the official ambassador for FinanceBuzz. If your resume still needs a little massaging, don't worry because the opening is still open for several more weeks.

How long would the job be?

Once the offer is made, the selected "eater" would have 2 weeks to complete the assignment. There are some mandatory menu selections that have to be sampled, but you are also given the flexibility to enjoy a few personal choices.

What Buc-ee's snacks are mandatory to earn the $1,000?

Aaron Savage/Google
Aaron Savage/Google

No surprise that bar-b-que is mandatory, but some additional personal favorites are biscuits and gravy, kolaches, and banana pudding. Check out the full list, and apply for the opening at this FinanceBuzz link.

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