Nobody wants to think about the whole world potentially ending with the push of a button, but in the event of an enemy nuclear strike on United States soil, there is one Texas city most at risk due to its strategic placement and proximity to sensitive targets. Currently, only 9 countries possess a nuclear arsenal and the total number of nuclear weapons on the planet is estimated to be around 13,000 according to this article from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

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13,000 nuclear weapons is only about 20% of the once ridiculous high of over 60,000, but there is data to indicate the United States, Russian, and China are all increasing their supply. Also, if you consider the advancement in technology, it is not unrealistic to assume each weapon today is far more powerful than those that were constructed over 50 years ago.

What would it look like if the United State was attacked by nuclear weapons?

Several new articles recently listed the top 6 to 15 most probable targets for a nuclear strike in the United States, and one major Texas city made both of those lists. One article was put out by Business Insider, and the other was originally published by Daily Mail.

Houston, Texas is believed to be a major target due to its high urban population density, energy producing infrastructure, technological relevance, and major communications that are vital to the nation's security. The Houston metro has over 6 million residents, and is only about 65 miles from the South Texas Nuclear Generating Station.

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