Weather in Texas is always something fascinating to behold, isn't it? We've seen some very high temps, and we've also looked at the thermometer and wished the mercury would rise above 10. One minute we're praying for rain after months of drought, and the next we're trying not to hydroplane when the deluge finally comes.

But some in the Lone Star State may wonder which city takes the most beatings when it comes to weather. Someone has collected the data, and the city has been revealed.

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Tornado In Stormy Landscape - Climate Change And Natural Disaster Concept
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Where's The Worst City For Weather In The State Of Texas?

According to the Texas Standard, San Antonio Express-News meteorologist Anthony Franze checked the frequency of various severe weather events in Texas. He narrowed down the list of cities he checked to Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

There were four weather events he focused on were flash flooding, hail reports, tornado reports, and wind reports, starting from the year 2000. So with all the data collected, here's what Franze found.

Texas Struggles With Unprecedented Cold And Power Outages
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Data Reveals Number One City With Worst Weather In Texas

Franze reported that Fort Worth, due to the amount of reports of severe hail and destructive tornadoes, is the worst city for weather in the Lone Star State. Franze also stated that  Fort Worth's location in "Tornado Country" lent to its placement at number one.

Texas Struggles With Unprecedented Cold And Power Outages
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Be Prepared No Matter Where You Live in Texas

Always remember to have a severe weather plan. Most Texans have always taken at least a few steps to prep for tornadoes, hail storms, and droughts, but folks learned a hard lesson in 2021 when the entire state froze over. You just never know what's going to happen out there in the Lone Star State, to be sure to protect yourself and your family for any weather contingency. The National Weather Service has some great tips and links to help with that.

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