Hurricane season is major worry for some in Texas.

We've seen how major storms affect the state, and when a major hurricane is forecasted to hit our area, preparations begin. Attempts to limit the damage are made, and warnings are sent out to alert Texans when the storm will arrive. One of the biggest scares during the storms is none other than flooding.

Flooding in Texas causes damage to roadways, cars and people could be swept away. and causes massive issues with the area around us. Safe to say, flooding is very scary. Some areas of the state are more prone to the event as well.

Recent data has revealed that one county in the state of Texas is the worst for potential flooding, and not just in the state, and may worry those who live there.

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The Worst County In Texas For Flooding Is...

The 20 Most Vulnerable Cities to Flooding in the United States
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As revealed by Lawnstarter, they used four major categories to determine rankings:

- Economic Impact
- Flood Risk
- Population Vulnerability
- Preparedness

So, which counties in Texas were the were the worst for flooding? Here's the top ten:

1. Harris County
2. Cameron County
3. Galveston County
4. Brazoria County
5. Aransas County
6. Jackson County
7. San Patricio County
8. Orange County
9. Calhoun County
10. Willacy County

In addition, Harris County was not only number one in the state of Texas. Data revealed that the county was number one in the nation for flooding overall. So if you live in the Harris County area, it might be a good idea to always be prepared for floods.

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