A few years back, a 19-year-old girl went viral when it was discovered she was a student by day and queen pin by night.

According to a report from KBTX, Sarah Elizabeth Furay, daughter of a former supervisor of the Drug Enforcement Agency in Houston, was sentenced for three drug trafficking charges and 1 charge of possession of marijuana. The day after her arrest, Furay was released on bonds totaling $39,000.

Furay went viral and made headlines after her mugshot photo was published showing her smiling, which many took as a sign of arrogance. The arrest took place in 2015, and at the time, Furay was a student at Blinn College. Officers searched her apartment with a warrant after receiving a tip about Furay's extracurricular activities. Authorities were surprised to find large amounts of cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD, and marijuana. Onlookers were concerned that because of Furay's father's connections and status, that her transgression would be swept under the rug.

Fortunately for those people, Furay did get the book thrown at her and was sentenced to 8 years in prison for each of the three drug trafficking charges and the maximum two-year sentence on her single charge of possession of marijuana. Luckily for Furay though, she'll be serving those sentences concurrently, so her total time in prison will be only 8 years. I would guess probably even less for good behavior.

What are your thoughts on Furay's sentence? Do you think her sentencing was fair?

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