Here's the thing about Texans - we're neighborly. When someone's in need, we want to help, and if there's someone missing, we're out there with you to search.

Perhaps nobody embodies that spirit better than Tim Miller, founder of famed missing person search and advocacy organization Texas EquuSearch. Tim's efforts have helped bring folks home and brought closure to desperate families over the years, and now he needs our love and support more than ever.

According to announcement from Texas EquuSearch, Tim was admitted to a hospital Saturday, June 19th. He reportedly suffered from a serious health condition that required immediate treatment. He's been through one successful procedure, and will undergo another in a few days. He'll then need to go through a rehab process to get back on his feet.

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So, I'm putting out a call for good vibes from any and all Texans reading this. Whether that's prayer, positive thoughts, or a message of encouragement to the Texas EquuSearch Facebook page, I would just ask that people be thinking about Tim and all the good he's brought to this world after enduring so much bad.

In case you're not familiar with the organization, the Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team was founded by Tim Miller in 2000 to help in the search for missing Texans. Their focus was initially on the area surrounding Galveston, which was experiencing a high number of missing person cases at the time.

The non-profit has grown over the past 21 years, and now participates in searches across Texas and even outside of the state in some instances.

Tim's motivation to bring people home stems from the devastating loss of his daughter, Laura, who was abducted and murdered in 1984.

I consider Tim a true Texas hero. He emerged from something absolutely horrific that happened to him and his family with the determination to help others in need, and he's rallied countless volunteers to the cause.

Now, I wrote this article for the purpose of getting thoughts, prayers, and positivity sent Tim's way, but I also want to point out that you can donate to Texas EquuSearch to help them continue their mission. If you're not able to donate at this time, that's perfectly fine. Your prayers, thoughts, and positivity will go a long way. I just wanted to mention that it's an option.

Get well, Tim. All of Texas salutes you and your continued efforts to seek out the lost and bring them home.

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