If there's even a small patch of bluebonnets anywhere in Texas, someone's going to sit in it for pics. That's just what we do here in Spring time. It's basically the law.

Here in Central Texas, you can toss a pebble and hit a nice bluebonnet patch to take your family pictures in, but if you feel like making a day of it and losing yourself in a sea of blue, white, and green, there's a special place in Ennis that you need to plan a daytrip to.

That's where you'll find 74-year-old Joe Dolezalik, a Vietnam veteran who calls a perfect little patch of Texas home and loves sharing it with families from around the world in search of the perfect place to take their bluebonnet pics.

WFAA reports that Dolezalik's land is about 35 to 40 acres, and this time of year it's covered in those beautiful blue buds we all know and love.

Now, the general rule in Texas is that you never, ever walk onto someone's private property to get bluebonnet pics, but Dolezalik actually invites folks to visit. In fact, he even drives around in a Gator UTV to show people the best spots for taking photos.

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Dolezalik says he enjoys the conversations he has from visitors from across the U.S. and the world, and he's especially grateful to have visitors this year after the 2020 pandemic peak forced the City of Ennis to cancel its annual Bluebonnet Trails Festival, which is a big referral source for visitor's to Dolezalik's field.

Now people are showing up daily to get photos, and Dolezalik welcomes them all.

Dolezalik served in Vietnam from 1966 to 1967, and grew up working his family's farm. What could be more Texan than a veteran and farmer owning an enormous patch of beautiful bluebonnets and welcoming his fellow Texans to enjoy them?

If you want to see it for yourself, you'll find the field at 726 Zmolek Road in Ennis. It's about a two hour drive northeast from Temple.

Remember: You'll be a guest on Dolezalik's land, so leave it as pretty as you found it and make sure you say howdy and thank you.

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