Just admit it, you love that Interstate 35 is 75 MPH and at least 3 lanes wide so much, you get indignant that it dares to slow to 65 when traveling through the Killeen-Temple, Texas area. What if I were to tell you there's another highway in Texas that pretty much says, "Hold my drink," (non alcoholic obviously) and has the fastest speed limit in the entire United States of America?

The highway has to be Interstate 10, right?


Believe it or not, as you drive between El Paso and San Antonio across the multiple terrains and sparsely populated climate zones and ecosystems, the speed limit never exceeds 80 MPH.

Wait, 80 MPH isn't the fastest speed limit in the United States?


Not only does Interstate 10 and 20 allow for 80 MPH across West Texas, but there are several other Interstates that allow 80 MPH. Personally, I have driven on Interstate 90 in South Dakota, and the speed limit was 80 MPH.

So, which Interstate goes faster than 80 MPH?


See, that's what you have to get out of your head. The fastest highway speed limit in the United States of America is in our great Republic of Texas, but it is not an interstate highway. In fact, it isn't even a US Highway.

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Well, is it even a highway?

Yes, quite obviously it isn't a bike path through Texas Hill Country.

The fastest, posted, speed limit in the United States is Texas State Highway 130, which is a toll road that bypasses the Austin metro along the Interstate 35 corridor, so you can get to and from San Antonio.

Can I just personally add that this road should actually go from San Antonio around the west side of Austin, but nobody ever asks my opinion on anything?

If you do take it north of Interstate 10 just east of San Antonio, recommend going all the way to Luling and connecting in Lockhart to check out the soon to be demolished, and first ever Buc-ee's Travel Center. They have already broken ground on what will be the largest Buc-ee's on Earth to replace it. Even then, its record as biggest will only last so long.

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