Who doesn't love a good french fry? They pair with almost everything it feels like doesn't it. Whether it burgers, chicken tenders, steaks, fries sit at the side.

But as with all foods, there is one constant in all the different variations of them. There is a favorite that everyone seems to enjoy. Our little friends known as french fries are no different.

But how is the decision handled of the favorite fry in the Lone Star State? Certainly with all the types available there couldn't be a clear cut favorite right? Well, as it turns out there is one!

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So, Which Is Texas's Favorite Type Of Fry?

Thankfully, the data has already been put together, so we won't have to go far. Zippia tallied the data, and their were two exclusions. Smiley fries and onion rings.

Which we have an objection here, why weren't smiley fries included? I mean sometimes we all could use a smile, why shouldn't it be on our food? We digress here of course, but hopefully smiley fries will be included next time.

So enough talk, which type of fry took the top spot? Surprisingly enough, cheese fries took the top spot! Yes, just normal regular cheese fries.

This does raise a question though, are bacon cheese fries included? Who doesn't love bacon on cheese fries?

Also our editor was flabbergasted that chili cheese fries was only number one in one state, which was New Mexico. So it looks like chili cheese fries and bacon cheese fries need more love in the Lone Star State!

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