We all need to eat in the state of Texas. That's just a fact of life right?

Along with shelter and water, it's one of the main components needed in life to keep your well-being. But here's the thing, there's a lot of options for someone to eat in the Lone Star State.

But how does one decide what to chow down on in Texas? There's many ways to decide. If you're with a group of people, you can discuss and narrow down what everyone could eat.

But if you're alone and getting food, you might want to see if there's any specials going on right? So there's one thing you can certainly do, and that is surf the web.

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But, who else is checking online to see if there is anything else on the web to eat? There's data for that right?

Texas Is Searching For This Main Fast Food Eatery

Yes, if you don't know by now, searching data is collected sometimes. Today's data comes to us courtesy of All Recipes. It shows us what Texans in the state are looking for food-wise.

So what do you think could be the number one searched fast food place in Texas? We're honestly kind of nervous that it's going to be someone like McDonald's or Subway. Maybe if we're lucky it'll be a Texas-centric place perhaps?

Drum Roll Please...

It's Whataburger! With 7 million searches, Texas is searching for a state original. How fantastic!

Now we're hungry for Whataburger though...

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