We all know the state motto of the Lone Star State: "Everything is bigger in Texas." From cowboy hats, boots, and cars, the larger it is, the more it fits the motto.

But what if everything growing in size might actually be worse for the state than most realize? It's certainly a thought that some Texans are starting to have.

Well, according to KVUE, The Texas Politics Project and the University of Texas at Austin held a poll to gauge how residents of the state are viewing the addition of more businesses, and thus more people to live and work here.

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The results showed that 27% of people had no thought either way, 34% said that growth was positive for the state, and 40% said the growth wasn't good.

The results are also followed up by another poll that many are worried about their own family's money issues as well. 43% of people polled said their family finances have gotten harder to control, and 55% also stated that it also affected their household situation money-wise.

Overall, 51% of people polled in Texas said the state is heading the wrong way in terms of direction. 66% of Texans also said that US is also heading in the same way as Texas.

When asked for comment by KVUE, James Henson, who is the executive director of Austin's Texas Polling Project and co-founder of the polling project, said, "Despite the frequent boosterism among state leaders about people and businesses moving to Texas, there are signs that many Texans now perceive downsides to that growth."

Henson continued. saying. “This is the first time that we’ve seen negative views outweighing positive evaluations of the impact of growth on the state.”

It seems like all of Texas is experiencing a boom right now - even here in Temple, Texas. After all, Meta of all businesses is setting up a data center here, and I've learned recently that trying to find an apartment around here is absolutely insane.

Do you believe Texas is growing too fast? Or is the growth not enough? Let us know via our station app. Just tap the Chat button and let us know your thoughts.

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