The governor is visiting Killeen-Temple, Texas to speak about items recently covered in his State of the State address. This is your chance to hear the governor speak about 1 of his top 7 legislative goals for 2023. Once the Texas House starts building, and passing bills, the governor hopes they build a law that allows for more parental say in what is being taught in their children's school.

Where will the governor be speaking in Temple?

You can attend Governor Abbott's upcoming visit at Central Texas Christian School located at 4141 West Hwy 93 in Temple. If you're attending from Belton, take 6th Avenue east of Interstate 35, and the school will be located on your right. From south 31st Street in Temple, head west towards the interstate, and the school will be on your left. Central Texas Christian School is on the south side of West Farm to Market 93.

When do I need to be there?

The doors will be opening at 5 this afternoon with the event scheduled to be from 6 to 7 this evening. You are encouraged to arrive early enough to be seated for the program and speech to begin on time at 6.

What do I have to do to attend?

The gathering is free to attend, but you must register in advance. Please visit the Parent Empowerment Night page, and use the password "Parents" to receive free passes. This registration is to ensure the proper space is available for the anticipated participants.

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Why is the governor speaking in Temple?

Governor Abbott has highlighted a desire for parents to have more say in the curriculum of what is being taught their children in Texas. This was 1 of the top 7 priorities for the legislative session.

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