Throwin' back to 1984 with this one. The year of Nintendo's "Duck Hunt". This was one of the early video games that introduced adults and kids to an arcade style 'shoot em up' game that followed in the footsteps of even older games like the Atari 2600's "Jungle Hunt", and others before it.

Fast forward to 2016 and Texas gun maker is getting a lot of attention for it's new "Nintendo Glock". Produced by Precision Firearms, LLC,  this gun was modeled after the popular plastic zapper released with "Duck Hunt", and converted into a Glock 41 style firearm. Since it's creation, the gun maker has posted a photo online and it's gathered almost 150,000 shares and some 8000 comments.

Precision Fireams, LLC has since released a statement saying the "Nintendo Glock" was a "one time" creation for a friend, and that they had no plans to reproduce the weapon. An online video demo of the "Nintendo Glock" can be viewed below.