Sometimes being a strong minority leader rubs people the wrong way.

Buzz is going strong as people across the nation question why the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District placed Dr. James Whitfield, principal of Colleyville Heritage High School in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, on administrative leave.

What We Didn't Do

According to a report from DFW CBS, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD released the following statement explaining why Dr. James Whitfield was NOT placed on administrative leave:

"The District has received numerous questions regarding the decision to place Dr. James Whitfield on paid administrative leave. While the status of this as an ongoing personnel matter limits the information that the District can disclose about the events leading up to this decision, the speculation and conjecture that surround these events warrant some additional context.

The decision to place Dr. Whitfield on administrative leave was not a result of statements made by members of the public, including those who spoke at recent meetings of the GCISD Board of Trustees. Nor was the decision made in response to allegations Dr. Whitfield was teaching Critical Race Theory, or because of the photos on his social media account that were brought to the attention of the District in 2019."

Wait..What's This About?

If you're feeling a tad confused let me break some of the past events down.

Dr. Whitfield was previously asked by the GCISD to remove a photo of himself and his wife on vacation from social media. The photo shows the couple in a sweet moment looking at one another and about to kiss. Dr. Whitfield explained that the photo was taken by a professional photographer, and didn't understand what the issue with the photo was.

Apparently, someone made a complaint that the photo was inappropriate, even though there was absolutely nothing lewd or graphic.

Also during previous school meetings, Dr. Whitfield has been accused by some parents  of supporting Critcal Race theory and that he "promotes a conspiracy theory of systemic racism." 

So, It's Not Just About The Photo

Fact Check: Systemic racism isn't a conspiracy theory.

Again, despite naming things Dr. Whitfield WAS NOT suspended for, the district has failed to provide any real answers.

My thoughts? The wheels were squeaking, and the district had to appease those making a fuss. Unfortunately, that comes at the cost of Dr. Whitfield, who has seemingly done nothing wrong besides being the first black principal in the school's 25-year history.

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