Pretty cool that downtown Wichita Falls recently got shown some love.

Since I moved here back in 2007, downtown Wichita Falls has done nothing but improve. More and more businesses are popping up. Some of my favorite restaurants are downtown. Now we have another official historic district from the Texas Historical Commission.

This is now the third historic district in Wichita County. Joining Morningside, The Depot Square, we now have the Indiana Avenue Historic District. By the way, I know many people were sharing the Facebook status above, but did you actually click the link for the Texas Historical Commission?

Official Listing for Indiana Avenue Historical District

This thing is 82 PAGES! Highly detailed for the whole history of this area of downtown Wichita Falls. The properties that are now a part of this district are from the addresses of 900 to 1008 Indiana Avenue. Twelve buildings in total are a part of this historical district.

I do enjoy looking at photos of old school Wichita Falls and what downtown looked like back in the day. Check out a bunch of old schools postcards, skylines, and proposed plans for Wichita Falls starting on page 46 of the report. What's crazy to me, the Wichita Theater looks exactly like it does now in the photo from 1980. However, this is back when it was showing movies. Looks like 'The Shining' was the movie being shown that particular weekend.


Apparently the Texas Historical Commission officially recognizes thirteen areas of Wichita County, three of them are districts. The other ten are historical buildings. If you're interested in more history of our city. Just search Wichita County on the Texas Historical Commission website.

Weird Wichita Falls Movie Advertisements

Check out some of the ways Wichita Falls movie theaters used to advertise back in the day. Let me know if you have anymore so I can add them later.

This Wichita Falls Home Was Once a Recording Studio

Back in the day, Wichita Falls was home to Nesman Studio. Who had some very famous clintel come in throughout the years, including Buddy Holly. Today though, the recording studio is gone and it's just a house at 3108 York Avenue. Check it out below.

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