When I saw the headline a month or two back, I laughed it off and thought, "Wouldn't that be nice?".  I was certain we'd never hear of it again.  Turns out I was wrong, and on this topic, I'm ok with that.

Call me a cry baby if you want, but I want to throw a temper tantrum and lay on the bed kicking my legs into the air every year on the "spring forward" Monday.  Are you kidding me?  We don't get enough sleep as it is, and right as the weather is getting warm and our moods are improving, they go and pull the rug from underneath us.

Daylight Saving Time.  It's a farce created on a myth and is as outdated as an actual bedside alarm clock.  I hate the "spring forward" every year, but during the years I was doing a radio morning show I hated it even more.  That first night after the change when you're still adjusted to a later bedtime so you decide to go to bed even earlier just to make sure you give yourself enough time to fall asleep, only to find yourself staring wide-eyed at the clock at 3:15, that's the worst.

I never thought I'd agree with anything involving politics in Arizona, but they ditched the Daylight Saving Time years ago.  Same with Hawaii.  Texas wouldn't be the first, but we'd be the biggest, state so far to ditch the time change if Rep. Dan Flynn has his way.  His hairbrain scheme to get Texas to pass a bill ditching the yearly mind game might just have its day in the sun after all.

Flynn wants to "fall back" this year and stay there.  Texas politicians only work 140 days a year, and a smartass might point out the lax work schedule as lazy.  I say thank God they only have 140 days to do damage.  A quick passage through committee sends the bill to a vote TODAY, and with three weeks left before the damage Austin does to the state in their current session ends, there's still time for the Senate to cast a vote.

Good things like this don't happen to me, so I have little faith today's vote will go anywhere, but we can all dream about falling back this October and staying there.  Never again will I have to throw a Monday morning temper tantrum.  At least not for something like this.