One thing we all know about Texas: there are a lot of houses in the state. With many different designs, and different materials. But most of these houses generally have normal rooms inside of them.

But sometimes, a house comes along that holds a secret that many not be able to see normally. But what could this secret be?

Could it hold a room big enough for an arcade? Does the room have a secret other room? Is there a secret history to the room that any normal person wouldn't expect?

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Luckily today, it seems we've found one of those secret rooms. But first, we have to know:

Where Is This House We're Talking About?

The house, according to Zillow, is in Abilene. With the price at $800,000, it's a bit of an ask for 3 bedrooms and 3 bath, but it might be worth it for this secret room. So enough talk, it's time to take a look at this abode.

This Texas House Hides A Hilarious Laundry Room Secret

One house in Texas holds a room that many would wonder about a design choice.

Well, that was an adventure to find the secret. Thankfully, the adventure resulted in a silly finding.

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