For us locals here in Central Texas, I-35 can be a nightmare at times. Apparently that's nothing compared to a stretch of I-45 in Houston.

Texas is once again in the spotlight in a negative way as a report from 'Budget Direct' named I-45 as the most dangerous road in the U.S. with the stretch through Houston as the deadliest.

According to the report, I-45 from Dallas to Galveston averages 56.5 fatal accidents for every 100 miles of road. The stretch through Houston is even worse with a reported 73 deaths in 2019.

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One driver was quoted as saying, "Right now it's like a death trap."

The report goes on to list some pretty shocking numbers as according to the World Health Organization, 1.35 million people die in road accidents each year. In fact, during 2020, the year of the pandemic, here in the U.S., mileage was down by 13% but road deaths increased by 8%.

The article goes on to detail the worst roads in each part of the world, for example, The worst road in the UK is the A1010, with a rate of 7 accidents per one million vehicle-miles driven.

Bolivia In South America has a road called "Death Road" that was cut into the side of a mountain in the 1930's and features a drop-off of 600 meters or close to 2,000 feet, and has seen 200 - 300 deaths every year.

Bolivian authorities have since built a safer road but "Death Road" is still open for the "thrill seekers" out there.

Fortunately I-45 through Houston isn't as bad as the road in Bolivia but the number of accidents and deaths on that stretch of I-45 is a reminder you should slow down, be aware of your surroundings and always wear a seat belt.

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