A Harris County civil judge was arrested Wednesday morning after she allegedly fired a gun at her husband's girlfriend after a heated argument.

KTRK-TV reports that Judge Alexandra Smoots-Thomas showed up at the victim's house Monday and sat in the driveway honking her horn and "causing a disturbance". The victim eventually exited the house and got into an argument with the judge, and that's when police say the judge tried to play executioner.

Police told the Houston Chronicle Smoots-Thomas pointed a shotgun out of her vehicle's window when the girlfriend came at her with some sort of large board. The woman tried to smack the shotgun away with the board, after which the judge reportedly fired three shots, then fled the scene.

Smoots-Thomas has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. As you've probably guessed, she went to the woman's house because she found out that she was having an affair with Smoots-Thomas' husband.

It sounds like a country song come to life, and your first instinct might be to feel a little bad for Smoots-Thomas. However, she was already facing major legal issues stemming from her alleged misuse of campaign funds to buy lavish jewelry, a Prada purse, and a vacation package, as well as paying for her mortgage and her child's school tuition. She was suspended last year and faces seven charges of wire fraud.

I'm glad no one seems to have been physically hurt, but what an absolute mess. Drama-free is the way to be, folks.

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