A Texas judge is making headlines for his out-of-the-box punishment for a woman who plead guilty to drug conspiracy charges. Federal records show Chelsea Madill was arrested  on charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine, according to KXAN News.

Madill plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute narcotics and was sentenced on January 9th to three years of supervised release by a Texas judge. The judge also added in a special condition that Madill “participate and complete an educational program designed to receive a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree,” per KXAN News.

A Doctor of Jurisprudence degree is a graduate level professional law degree that helps prepare students for the bar exam in the United States.


The Drug Enforcement Administration and Texas Department of Public Safety were investigating a drug trafficking organization in South Texas that led them to a warehouse in McAllen in 2018.

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While surveilling the warehouse, a vehicle that belonged to Madill was spotted leaving the facility with a tractor trailer. The trailer was then pulled over by agents who found 22 vacuum-sealed bundles of cocaine, weighing 62 pounds, per KXAN News.

There's no information on whether or not Chelsea Madill had attended law school, or was close to completing her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. We assume if the judge felt so strongly that she could complete the degree within the three years of her supervised release, he has some privileged information that allow him to make that decision.

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