It's already a red flag if you have to fake your own kidnapping in order to go have a few beers with the boys. One Texas man from Edinburg learned the police don't really appreciate a wild goose chase.

Rogelio Andaverde was at home with his wife when two masked gunmen burst into his home. According to the San Antonio Express News, the men took Rogelio with them at gun point leaving his panicked wife to call the police in hysterics.

Hidalgo County Sheriffs deputy's jumped into action. Sheriff Guadlupe Trevino said they took the call seriously due to the description of the events during the 9-1-1 call.  Trevino said, "People don't just barge into your home and kidnap you for the hell of it". Dozens of officers and even a police helicopter joined in the search, but they all became suspicious when they could find no sign of Andaverde or the gunmen.

Rogelio thought he had fooled police and his wife when he returned home at the end of the night claiming his captors showed mercy and let him go. He later confessed to the police that he just wanted a night out with his friends and that he was too afraid to tell his wife so he staged the kidnapping. Andaverde was arrested and charged with making a false report to police. He was released on $5000 bond.

No word yet on what kind of punishment Rogelio received from his wife when he got home.

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