Police in Wichita Falls, Texas are currently seeking John Dewayne Hennan from Iowa Park. Here's what is known at the time of writing.

John Dewayne Hennan And His Alleged Crimes

Per the Texoma's Home Page, the issues with John Dewayne Hennan began on April 20th of 2024 when he was taken into custody. As stated by police in Wichita Falls, Hennan was hired by an unidentified individual with the task of working on an air conditioner in 2023.

It is alleged than Hennan, after he was paid $3,000 for the job, stopped talking to the individual. When the unidentified person spoke to police, work still had not begun as of the date of February 23, 2024. In addition, while there were some messages sent back and forth, all talking between them ceased in January of 2024.

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This wasn't the only alleged crime against Hennan however.

Further Allegations Against Hennan In June Of 2024


Hennan was taken into custody again on June 24, 2024. Per the report, another unidentified person reached out to Hennan for assistance with air conditioning. This person paid Hennan $14,850. Statements provided by the individual said Hennan gave them a rough calculation of how much it would cost in a written form.

Reports reveal the requested work had never begun, with Hennan not responding to attempts of the person trying to get into touch with him. Since then, Hennan has not been seen. Police are requesting that if anyone has seen Hennan to call Crime Stoppers, whose number is 940-322-9888.

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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