It takes all kinds in this world, but here's one I haven't seen yet.

Eric Warren apparently didn’t think this one through, or perhaps he thought he was in Florida, because this sounds more like a Florida Man story for sure.

Eric Dion Warren - Lubbock County Detention Center Photo
Eric Dion Warren - Lubbock County Detention Center Photo

According to the Justice Department, 50-year-old Eric Dion Warren drove to the AIM Bank in Wolfforth, Texas and handed the teller a note reading: “This is a f------ robbery. Play with me and die. I want $10,000 in 50 and 100 dollar bills now you got 1 minute or I will kill you.” Mr. Warren then pulled out what appeared to be a handgun and said, “I ain’t playing around, I only want 100s and 50s.”

The teller emptied her drawer including, a stack of $20 bills with recorded serial numbers, and Warren left.

Now, here's the even crazier part. Warren's getaway car was a loaner he'd just gotten from a BMW dealership.

Warren had been at the dealership finalizing the purchase of a BMW earlier in the day. He apparently robbed the bank, sped off in the loaner, and went back to the dealership literally waving around the $3,000 in cash needed for the down payment.

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An employee at the dealership had gotten a call about the robbery and realized the car that Warren had borrowed matched the description of the getaway vehicle and called the police.

The authorities showed up to the dealership and arrested Warren, who had the $20 that matched the serial numbers on the money taken from the bank.

This all happened in the summer of 2019. Warren pleaded guilty in August of 2020, and has been sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.

He really tried to give Florida Man a run for his money.

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