We've seen so many interesting pieces of real estate in Texas, that sometimes it is hard to believe there's multiple. For every simple living abode, there's one in the state that is sure to raise some eyebrows. This one will raise said eyebrows, and to a certain group of Texans: gamers.

Many in Texas probably have played a game in their lives, whether it be on a console or their phone. Some can even remember long nights of gaming in their college or high school days. Oh how some of us wish to relive those days.

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Is there a way to relieve those days, sadly time travel may not ever be a thing for us to experience. But, there might be a way to emulate that original feeling, and it is right here in the Lone Star State. We travel to El Paso, where a familiar face awaits us.

Yes, a game-themed Airbnb awaits us, so let us wait no further. Let's grab our controllers and get ready to claim bragging rights!

Want To Level Up? Check Out This Mario Themed Airbnb in El Paso, Texas!

For the gamers out there, this might be the place to have a long night of gaming away from home.

Well, if you'll excuse us, we've got to rest up for the next day of gaming!

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