Just before 9pm Sunday night several West Texas residents reported hearing a thunderous boom in the night sky as they noticed a meteor falling toward the Earth.

The video above was posted to youtube.com by the Weatherford Police Department. Officer Vanzant had a front row seat for the light show captured on his dash cam.

Wide Open Country reports that the American Meteor Society says the event began at 8:51pm Sunday evening. The Lubbock-Avalanche Journal reported the meteor shook windows and rattled homes as it passed. Resident spoke of the incident included something that sounded like an explosion seen in the video below.

So what in the world was going on? Many believe this to be a meteor that broke apart in the sky and landed some 50 to 100 miles southeast of Lubbock. This is not the first time the skys over Texas have shown off a fireball like this one.

Reports of a fireball in the sky occurred in 2016, and in 2009 more than 100 meteorites ended up in the hands of Texas residents who found them after they fell to earth.

More details about the event over Texas this past weekend, and additional information about the fireball can be found at amsmeteors.com. You can also bookmark that address for reporting meteors in the future.

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