The upcoming solar eclipse has many in the state of Texas very excited for many reasons. One of them? Some of the areas in the Lone Star State will be absolutely perfect for witnessing it!

According to Chron, these cities in Texas, Corpus Christi, Odessa, and San Antonio, will be the prime areas to spot the "ring of fire" the eclipse will bring. So many will potentially travel to take in the event.

However, what some in the state may not know is that the solar eclipse will affect more than just sunlight. In fact, the much talked about Texas power grid will indeed face challenges.

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However, This Time They Won't Be As Dire

Chron describes that eclipse, rather than putting stress on normal grid operations, will impact the power generated from the sun rays itself, otherwise known as solar power. During the day of the event, various times will lessen the amount of solar power obtained.

ERCOT even posted a map of where the eclipse's predicted path is:

Now thankfully, it doesn't look like Texans in the state will be requested to limit their power usage. Which thank goodness right? We were all worried that we'd have limit our AC or Heat, depending on the situation.

It also looks like ERCOT has planned ahead for eclipse, and hopefully we won't notice any issues during it. Though to be fair, when it gets darker, we might actually think the lights went out right?

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