Well, if finally rained in Temple, Texas yesterday! (Wednesday, August 10)

In life, we all dream of moments like these. A long stretch of not seeing something, wishing we could it see it again. Whether it a be a food item taken off a menu, or simply wishing to family after a long stretch.

Sometimes it goes so long we forgot what the item looks like. Which is when it returns, we're awestruck at the fact it appeared again. But what could Texans be so excited about for a return?

Could it be a football team returning to past glory? Is a famous celebrity visiting the state and his hometown? Could an old food establishment once thought to be lost be making a triumphant return?

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No, it was something so much better that it made us all run outside to not only see it, but feel it as well.

It was the return of rainfall in Texas! And it wasn't just a sprinkle, showers were in the forecast. And the reactions of some were perfect:

Others just stood in awe:

Just look at it. So majestic in its ways of falling onto the ground. It's so poetic almost too.

While it showed that some places received less than rain than others, it still was a moment that had to be captured in time. But sadly it might be another few days before we see the rain again.

At the time of writing, our partners at KWTX show it will be a little longer once again before rain graces our lawns. Maybe it's time we all learn a rain dance or two?

Send us any videos of the rain you witnessed to us via our FREE station app!

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