When it rains, it pours.

This week, studies have been released ranking states from which is the most educated to which are the most and least drunk.

It seems like Texas has either been at the top or bottom of each ranking, and the latest WalletHub study to find the best state to drive in is no different.

Texas came out at number four, but we rank low in some pretty major categories and score well on some that to me are far less important. Did that give us a better rank than we may actually deserve?

NEWS4SA tells us that Texas is ranked 5th in average lowest gas prices, which is great. I hope we see some under $2 stations here soon. But we rank 28th in the traffic fatality rate, and 30th in share of rush hour traffic.

There are many more factors that went into ranking each state. To see the entire list, click here.

The worst state: Hawaii. I guess paradise isn't perfect after all. Probably due to Magnum P.I. always having a car chase.



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