WalletHub compared the 50 states in terms of "entertainment & recreation" and "nightlife" using 22 metrics, including number of attractions ,restaurants per capita, amusement parks per capita, etc.

Drum roll.....wait, what? Texas is ranked 34th??

I gotta believe Texas needs to be a lot higher on this national list! Not only is there more to see and more to do here, but how can anyone say living in South Dakota is more fun than living in Texas? We suggest a re-count. lol

The Wallethub study ranks Texas as 34th place overall.  They only gave us 27th place in the category of 'entertainment value', and in the category of "night life" we are ranked 43rd. Question? Have these Wallethub folks ever been to Texas? DId a wet blanket write this survey?

We have more theme parks, rodeos, swimming holes, golf courses and other awesome stuff to have scored much better than 34th place overall. Check out the comparisons via the Wallethub link and see for yourself. God Bless Texas!

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