We all one point in our lives want to own a home, or have a family with that home. But getting a home requires a lot of effort, for many want to find the perfect residence. Many factors play into that decision.

One of the primary ones of course being the location of the home. Are the schools around the area good for the children? Is it a busy area or is it away from places that are need for food and other goods?

However, Some Don't Take That Into Consideration

Some people decide to just simply build their own home with materials that they purchase themselves. Which of course is a huge task to undertake. But there's more questions that arise from building your own home.

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What do you build your new home out of? How big should the home be as well?

So with all these factors in play, some Texans have chosen something that many wouldn't expect to live in. What is that material you ask?

Shipping Containers. Yes, Shipping Containers.

KVUE interviewed a couple who started living in a home made of shipping containers. After living in a trailer, they found out the shipping containers were better suited to handle weather, kept out unwanted animals, and most importantly, were the most affordable.

Ellen Bearicks stated in a comment to the news station that each container for their two homes that they own were $20,000. Which all things considered, seems pretty easy on the budget for anyone looking to become a homeowner.

So, would you live in shipping container home? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

Speaking of Shipping Container Homes...

Want to stay in a shipping container without the worry of being shipped away? We've got just the ticket.

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