How would you react if you sent your kid to school with a new haircut, but when he came home someone had drawn all over his head with a sharpie? What if you found out that person was the school's discipline clerk, head principal, and your child's teacher?

Wow! One Texas family has responded with a federal civil rights lawsuit!

Yes, this happened. Unfortunately, back in May, a student's head was drawn on with permanent marker by employees of Pearland ISD. Named in the federal civil rights lawsuit are discipline clerk Helen Day, head principal Tony Barcelona, and teacher Jeanette Peterson.

According to the lawsuit the principle told Juelz Trice (7th grade) his haircut did not meet the dress code and the student was sent to Helen Day's office to be reminded of the dress code.  The student was then allegedly told he would be put under In-School Suspension unless he immediately re-designed the haircut line on his head. Ok, Stop!

Ridiculousness has occurred! Notice we did say "allegedly". This is what is being reported by ABC13.COM. Teachers and principals, if the idea of 'drawing' on a child sounds like a good idea it's time to stop. How about just send the child home if they don't meet the dress code? Or go ahead an place them in In-School suspension if they truly violate the dress code, but I got to believe that sending the child home to let the parents correct the situation would have been a far better choice than drawing on someone's child with a permanent marker.

So here we have Juelz stuck in the office with the discipline officer coloring his head. The teacher then enters the office and takes over coloring the kids head according to the lawsuit. The suit also says the adults laughed as they colored the child's head. reports that soon after this incident the ISD changed their policy on haircuts. The boy's parents told they did not receive notification of the incident and that they found out about it when their son arrived home from school. Juelz told his parents, "look what they did to my head". Juelz's family said they got a lawyer after several attempts to resolve the issue without any response from the school. The family then initiated litigation for training and compensation.

Pearland ISD seemed to kind of throw it's staff right under the bus issuing a statement that said the practice was not condoned by the district and that the response to the dress code violation did not seem appropriate.

What exactly does the dress code say? Well according to it says "Extreme hairstyles such as carvings, mohawks, spikes, etc are not allowed." Since the incident, this verbiage has also been updated.

So far, just the boy's teacher has been placed on administrative leave. So let's see how the audience would have reacted...

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