A Texas high school is under heavy fire after a multiple choice question that was given to students to take home made it's way on social media.

The Washington Post writes that the fifth question on a biology assignment starts with “Suzy was assaulted in an alley and is a victim of rape." The question gives very little information in the middle and finishes by asking students, “Which of the suspects raped Suzy?”.



After around 90 freshmen took the assignment home, it quickly made the rounds on social media and local headlines.

The school district soon apologized for the “inappropriate” question given out by a teacher at Klein Collins High School.

“The assignment is not part of the District’s approved curriculum and is by no means representative of the District’s instructional philosophy,”

-Klein Independent School District said in a statement.

No report has been made on whether any disciplinary action as been made to any of the school's educators. Despite parents calling for it on social media.

In what conceivable reality would any teacher think this question was at all appropriate? You just can't wrap your mind around it. What where they thinking?

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