Apples, Intestines, Pears, and Plums

Tell me when your birthday comes.

Who remembers anatomy class in high school? The only "fun" I had was to watch how

A lot of us felt catatonic about it

many of the girls got sick. Kids today have found a different way to have fun in class.We got to dissect frogs. A lot of us felt catatonic about it. School officials must have noticed because now kids are dissecting cats.

Hah! Cats, Catatonic, get it? (Too Soon?)

Officials with the North East Independent School District of San Antonio said the incident happened earlier this month, and it was a lesson on how strong intestines are.

The video shows kids jumping rope with a cat intestine, and it seems it was a good lesson because the kids now understand just how strong innards can be.

Yes, PETA is upset. They claim that children should learn on animal-free lessons of dissection, and stop using "cruel and crude" dissection methods.

NEISD officials said no one will be punished for this, and that they will "update" the lesson plan.