A potential disaster was averted Thursday thanks to the quick thinking and action of students in Sealy, Texas. They were able to safely bring their bus to a stop on a busy highway after the driver passed away behind the wheel.

KENS5.com reports that the driver suddenly collapsed behind the wheel as the bus left Sealy Junior High School and started down Highway 90. The students took action to bring the bus to a stop and cut off the engine while driver Gerald Gardner sat motionless in the driver's seat.

Once the bus was stopped students led an evacuation out of the rear exit of the bus just like they had been trained to do. Witnesses began together at the scene and at that time three individuals got on the bus to carry off the driver and begin CPR. Despite a quick arrival by first responders, Gardner died at the scene.

We are very thankful the students on board knew what to do. The ones who acted to assist their fellow students and the driver received awards from the school.

Mr. Gardner was in his 70's and had passed a physical at the beginning of the school year.



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