Tax season can be stressful for all of us, but a business owner in Houston reportedly became so enraged about the complaints she was receiving that she actually pulled a gun on her clients.

According to a report from the Washington Post, on March 25, tax preparer Latunya Wright was arrested and booked into the Harris County jail and charged with aggravated assault and aggravated robbery.

Marquita Boyle was at Wright's tax business, Mz Biz Tax Services, to inquire about discrepancies in her tax filing. Boyle told the Washington Post that she was waiting to speak with Wright when an argument broke out.

Wright was having a heated dispute with another client when she decided to pull out her gun. In the same moment, Boyle recognized that the disagreement was escalating and decided to start recording the incident on her phone.

In the video, Wright is seen approaching the man with her gun and then walking back to her desk. Wright noticed Boyle recording and then snatched the phone from her hands, then allegedly hit Boyle on the head with her gun according to a statement from Harris County Constable, Mark Herman.

Boyle also stated that Wright deleted the video from her phone, but luckily she was able to retrieve the evidence for police.

KTRK also uncovered Wright's past criminal history. Wright was previously sentenced in 2012 to more than four years in federal prison for her part in a multi-million dollar robbery at an ATM servicing company.

This is definitely not someone you want around a lot of money. I'm not sure if her clients knew about her checkered past, but you should always be careful who you trust with such valuable information about your finances and life.

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