Coach Kliff Kingsbury is loved by his players, and we can see why they love to play for him after watching this video of Monday's practice. During the teams workout, Coach staged a fight along the sidelines. He went all out throwing up a temporary ring with a table in the middle.

Seen in the video entering from the seats is the teams director of speed and power Scott Salwasser, playing the role of "The Miz". The part of John Cena is played by director of mobility and agility Adam Hymel.

The match is a quick one, with Cena finishing "The Miz" with an "Attitude Adjustment" and a "Five-Knuckel-Shuffle".

The Red Raiders are coming off a a rout over Stephen F. Austin, winning 69-17 over the weekend. They have a much bigger challenge coming up next at Arizona State.

Let's check out that "Attitude Adjustment" one more time!


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